Are Bamboo Blinds Right For You?

bambooblind-sitting_windowThinking About Bamboo Blinds?

Many people like the look of bamboo blinds, but don’t know if they are quite the right thing for their home. . . or if they go with traditional furniture and formal rooms.

The truth is, they look great equally well with a traditional, rustic or formal theme, depending on the type of bamboo blind you get. However, some people feel they are especially appropriate in rooms with a casual or tropical décor, like a beach house, sun-room, green room, or a student’s room. They do look especially great next to exotic house-plants or pictures of palm trees and beaches. All the better if the room has wicker furniture. But don’t let that limit you.

The thing to remember is that bamboo shades are quite varied and come in many different styles. They are often referred to as woven woods and come in a variety of textures, materials and colors.

Today, they are made from many natural substances, including reeds, twigs, bamboos and grasses. Each type of shade is uniquely textured, adding casual good looks to any room. With such a great selection, you can create an ambiance that beautifully reflects your individual lifestyle, from a casual country look to a more formal and reserved presentation.

Bamboo blinds are remarkably durable and lie flat when lowered. When raised, they hang in even, overlapping folds. Some block light entirely, while others filter light and function better as shades, with slight openings between the slats or reeds.
If you like a bamboo blind and want to make sure it blocks light, you can often get it with a blackout liner to block light and add privacy. For a more formal look, decorative edge binding is available to add a unique look to shades in an array of colors and patterns.

You can also get bamboo blinds and shades that open from the top down or bottom up, allowing light in while retaining privacy.

Bamboo blinds come in many colors from light and even-colored to camel colored to dark wood tones with nubs and twig textures. These great blinds are allergy free and don’t collect dust like fabric blinds. They are also lightweight and easy to open and close.

Click here to take a look at some of the selections here – you can get an idea of what they might look like in your house.

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