Bamboo Blinds: The Environmental Choice

Its getting to be more important to consider the environment in every aspect of home furnishings and building. Not only are environmental choices renewable, they also do not leach chemicals, like their synthetic counterparts, making them a healthier choice for humans and less harmful to the environment as well.

When it comes to window coverings, one of the most natural and beautiful choices is bamboo. Bamboo blinds are a relaxing, naturally beautiful way to provide shade and they are an excellent environmental choice. They are extremely renewable and strong, as bamboo is a fast growing wood with a high level of strength.

Concerned about the longevity of bamboo? Don’t be, it lasts for years – as long as any other shade. And when it’s lifespan is over, it decomposes back into the earth, unlike vinyl and other man-made materials.

Bamboo blinds employ entire industries of people that otherwise could not find employment. This helps them support families and contribute to their local economies.

Watch this video of the making of bamboo shades in Uravu…

Uravu Bamboo Blinds

A video on Uravu Indigenous Science and Technology Study Centre, a not-for-profit voluntary organization and the production of Bamboo Blinds

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