How To Make Roman Shades – Part 1

roman shadeNeed to know how to make a Roman shade? If so, this is the series for you.

Sometimes, you just can’t get the right color, fabric, style or feel that you’re looking for already manufactured, and the only way to get it is by doing it yourself. In those times, knowing how to make a roman shade can be a huge plus. And its not as hard as you might think.

Many people are afraid to try making their own Roman shade. They think its difficult and complicated – but it’s not! Making Roman shades is actually quite simple if you have the least bit of sewing experience… and good instructions.

If you’ve never sewn anything before – it’s probably advisable for you to bone up on the basics before trying a shade. Find a YouTube video, TV show or library book that covers things like how to use a sewing machine, how to cut fabric, explains what a seam is, how to sew two pieces of fabric together, etc., Then sew an apron or a small curtain. It won’t take long and will give you the practice and confidence you need to sew your own roman shades.

I’ve scoured the internet for videos on making a roman shade and came up with some good ones.

Scott Weaver shows a few tips and tricks he’s learned over the years. These are great time-saving tips and getting a smart finish. They will help you get a shade up in no time!

We’re off to a good start. Time to move on to Part 2 of “How To Make Roman Shades.

In case you’re short on time, try this site for some beautiful and economical ready-made Roman shades. Maybe you’ll find something just right.

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