How To Make Roman Shades – Part 2

making roman shade

Now that you viewed the “How To Make Roman Shades – Part 1” video, you’re ready for part 2!

If you’re planning on going through all the videos in the series before starting, that’s smart. That way, you’ll have a better idea of what fabric and materials to buy, how much to buy, any other supplies that you’ll need and approximately how much time you’ll need to delegate to the task.

Did I say task? I don’t mean task as in some unpleasant work or drudgery! Sewing Roman shades is fun! It is a total thrill to see your concept take shape and form – from an idea in your head to hanging in the window! This is what it means to be creative! By task, I simply mean you can have a better idea of how to schedule your time.

So watching the videos first is a great idea. And don’t forget, you can turn the video on and watch the part of the videos you need to know, then pause and go do that section of your Roman shade, then watch the next section, etc. If you get confused, you can go back and watch the same section over and over, so you can feel guided all the way.

OK, here’s “How To Make Roman Shades – Part 2”

Properly pressing folds in a Roman Shade will make a huge difference on how your shade operates. This is the most over-looked detail and Scott offers a no-fuss solution.

OK, so by now you’re feeling probably feeling pretty confident. But in case you’d like a few more details on how to string the shade (and there are a few tricks to it), watch the next video on how to string a Roman Shade

And again, if you’re not sure you want to try it, here’s where you can find already made Roman shades in lots of colors, styles and textures, at very reasonable prices.

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