How To Make Roman Shades – Sewing On the Rings

sewing-on-ringsWant to see a quick and easy way to sew the rings onto your shade? Here’s a video that will show you how to do it. It’s so much easier to do it this way, using your sewing machine zigzag stitch than by hand.

But then again, some people like hand sewing, or don’t want to pull the weight of the shade up into the sewing machine – the bigger the shade, the heavier the fabric and lining get. Watch the video and decide for yourself if you want to try this method. It does make the work move faster.

Making Roman Shades – How To Sew On a Shade Ring

Watch Jenny T. as she shows you an expert sewing technique that will speed up making roman shades:

Pretty cool! Your machine does the hard work for you.

Need an already made Roman Shade? Click here for Roman shades in different styles and colors.

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