How to Make Roman Shades Without Sewing

Did you know you can make Roman Shades without sewing a single stich? Its easy to do if you use Iron-on-Roman rib tape.

This video will walk you through the steps required to make your very own roman shades without sewing. Kim has many years of experience and will show you all the steps:

That was great! Ready to start? If you want to watch another video to get even clearer on how to do it, there’s one below.

Here’s another video that will to make your very own roman shades without sewing (except for sewing the lining in). It will show you how to take measurements, how to sew them up, how to attach rings and hardware and how to install them in your window.

A full materials list is located at the end of the video so you can purchase fabric and supplies to do it yourself.

Here are the steps, along with the timing of where to find them on the video for quick reference:

How to Make Roman Shades Using Iron-on-Roman Rib Tape – Chapters:
• Measuring the Window – 0:32 min
• Patterning – 4:54 min
• Sewing Decorative & Lining Fabric – 9:21 min
• Creasing Sides & Sewing Bottom Sleeve – 12:01 min
• Adding Ribs or Dowels – 15:21 min
• Finishing Top Edge – 20:40 min
• Building a Headrail – 21:50 min
• Installing Curtain Hardware – 23:24 min
• Materials List – 33:02 min

This instructional video is intended for personal use. If making shades to sell or gift, they must comply with the latest safety regulations.

WARNING: Cords can be hazardous, even fatal, to young children. Keep cords out of reach of children. Keep cribs, playpens, and other furniture away from cords. Do not tie cords together or allow cords to twist or loop together.

NOTE: Laundering shades with iron-on-rib tape is not recommended unless the tape has been stitched in place.

Don’t have a sewing machine?

You can make a complete and beautiful shade using Encased Lift Cord Shroud Tape. It only requires a bit of hand stiching to secure in place, and works beautifully!

See the video here:
How to Make a Basic Roman Shade

Materials List for items from Sailrite:

  • Decorative Fabric from Sailrite – Use fabric calculator
  • Drapery Lining Fabric from Sailrite – Use fabric calculator
  • Thread (Extra Strong Nylon Upholstery thread or V-30 to v-46 Polyester thread) – Less than 1oz
  • Iron-On Roman Rib Tape 1″ – Item # 104858 – (Number of segments – 1) x width of shade = Tape length required
  • Roman Shade Plastic 1/4″ Ribs – Item # 104987 – Number of segments – 1 = Ribs required (each length of rib must be equal to width of shade)
  • Velcro Hook & Loop – Item #467100 & 471100 – Width of shade = length of hook and loop required
  • Sew on Rings for Roman & Balloon Shades – Item # 104469 – ((Number of segments – 1) ÷ 2) x number of lift lines
  • Bottom Rod for Fabric Shades 3/8″ Brass Finish – Item # 104989 – One rod equal to width of shade
  • Leechline Dacron 5/64″ – Item # 21207 – Use fabric calculator
  • Cord Lock for Roman & Austrian Shades (Small – Item # 104468) (Large – Item # 104857) – One per shade
  • Plastic Lift Cord Condenser White – Item # 104470 – One per shade

Materials list for hardware store:

  • Wood Board as headrail (approximately 1″ x 2″ x width of shade)
  • Screws (to attach cord lock & headrail (2 each))
  • Screw Eyes (1 per lift line)
  • Tassel

Tools Used:

  • Sewing Machine
  • Pencil, Straight Edge, Measuring Tape, Scissors, Hand Needle, Steam Iron, Saw, Stapler, Hacksaw, Drill, Screw Driver
  • Comfort Grip Rotary Cutter – Item # 9655
  • Cutting Mat 18″ x 24″ – Item # 102990
  • Multi Use Pins 1 1/2″ – Item # 102985

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